Any kind of tasks and processes an organization would like to implement for the reason of earning more money is “Business development”. We have over 30 years of experience in supporting companies in a wide range of industries and sizes that aim to create growth opportunities.


Ideation or innovation is the creative process where I together with you and the team generate, develop and communicate new ideas. This process is an essential part of constructing new commercial tactics and strategies that have a practical bearing. Such ideas might target a specific problem that needs a solution. Areas of interest can be organizational, financial, your sales process and unique selling points, communication or anything else we think of as KPI’s. I have successfully moderated brainstorming meetings that aim to create positive changes and new ways of thinking about existing challenges.


Starting up a new venture is very much a 360 degree activity that involves a variety of actions accompanied by diverse skills; fundraising, supplier evaluation, corporate formats, legislation, financial forecasting, choosing the right board and management team, accounting, marketing, networking, PR and mentoring. On top of that you have a responsibility to come up with a viable business plan for the product or service you intend to sell. My expertise is to guide you through the process of establishing your company, cost efficiently and in the least time consuming way.


Since my first steps as a businessman, I have recruited and hired qualified people for all levels in a company. Talent recruitment is process oriented and involves attracting, screening, selecting and onboarding a qualified person for a job. I provide a complete solution for sourcing candidates by networking, advertising and other search methods. In addition I provide expertise in assessment of candidates’ motivations and their fit with organizational requirements.


Capital drives the business engine and will finance operations. I provide identification and solicitation of investors and other sources of capital for private and public companies. My network of investors deal with venture capital for start-up companies, investments for expansion and technology development.


Strategy is about shaping the future. I have guided large and small organizations in defining short and long term operational strategies that aim to excel business performance. The key components of strategic planning include the understanding of vision, mission, values and strategies. A part of this work is to develop a SWOT analysis and moderate workshops with the management team.


Business plans are tools for making decisions. There is no fixed content for a business plan and it can be internally or externally focused. I have published and facilitated development of business plans for a variety of industries, drawing from a wide range of knowledge from service and product oriented companies. The plan represents all aspects of the business, e.g. finance, marketing and operations.


Organization development is an ongoing systematic process of implementing effective organizational change – confronting problems instead of neglecting them. In this specific area I act as the change agent. Someone who knows how to get people in an organization involved in developing and applying changes.


I have been appointed member of boards for 30 years in private and public companies. In this role I have supported the board’s work and covered all aspects of corporate governance, e.g. approving annual budget, performance reviews and strategic planning.


Sadly the market is full of hype. Reading news and opinion often has little value. Looking at the numbers, i.e. the hard facts, comparing across companies and sectors is a good platform for your investing.