Personal Development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talent and facilitate employability. My role as coach and mentor is not limited to self-help but includes formal and informal activities for developing others in their professional roles.


Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a management team you are surely always striving at developing your leadership skills and techniques. I provide and facilitate hands-on mentoring for improving performance, self-awareness and effectiveness in your daily role as manager.


Whether you’re bargaining over the purchase of a companywide network, coping with the possible infringement of patented technology, or seeking better customer service from a software supplier, technology negotiations have become a fact of managerial life. Understanding the techniques and becoming a successful negotiator is all about training. I provide practices in negotiation training where we exercise different scenarios, engage in theory and setup simulations i.e. role-play.


A CV of the highest possible standard is essential in your pursuit for employment. I provide a dedicated professional CV consulting service for job seekers. I will work closely with you to write a interview-winning CV that clearly demonstrates your skills, achievements and accurately reflects you and your abilities.